MC and wedding enteertainment: 5 REASONS TO BOOK  A PROFESSIONAL

Here are 5 Reasons you should make sure you have a professional mc and wedding entertainment for your ceremony and reception, having a skilled Master of Ceremonies on your wedding day and reception is more important than you may realise or think.

A bad MC and wedding entertainer can ruin your wedding event, believe it or not. Having a professional on your wedding day gets rid of so many potential issues and dilemmas that may never have crossed your mind. 


Most wedding venues will only allow the use of the reception area till a specific time of day or night. Making sure you get through your entire program before the given end time can be a push if you don’t have the right person to do the job. 


Standing up in front of a crowd of people can be nerve-wracking if not something one does all the time, and most friends or family members that take on the role of an MC think that a drink will help settle the nerves, but this is not the case. Alcohol increases the nerves and opens up an entirely new can of worms with bad jokes, indecent language, bad time management and more. 

Russell Fox Magician Insane Wedding Entertainment & Mc


A Wedding MC or Host is way more than just the person behind the mic. They are the key ingredient to your wedding, reception and entire wedding event flowing and relieving all worry and tension from the bride and groom. 


When alcohol comes into play, your best man or a family member might spill a mouth full of silliness when giving a speech. The great thing about a professional MC / Host is that they can assess if this person should even be up there and handle the entire situation before it goes wrong. If speech starts to go sideways they know just how to handle that person and get them back to their seat in a manner that maintains the flow and good vibes for wedding celebrations.


To ensure your wedding and wedding reception goes well, seriously consider booking a professional Wedding MC to do the job for you and avoid the chaos. Rather let your best man or other beloved guests enjoy the night with you, hassle free.

Book an experienced Master Of Ceremonies and Wedding Entertainment. Make your wedding event spectacular

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