In Loving Memory and tribute to my Hero, my Father and my Friend, Michael Richard Binedell

1946 to 2018

The Glass Walker Challenge was my first endurance stunt and world record and perhaps not my last. But this was not the focus and purpose of the stunt, but simply a by-product and achievement.

Having grown up in amongst and lived with Mental Health challenges, I decided to focus on associating all my stunts to needs and mental health issues and for this specific stunt, the focus was Autism awareness, education and financial assistance for many families living with the financial challenges that come with Mental Health Illnesses and challenges.

People who live with autism spend their lives experiencing the mental agony and frustration that I experienced on that bed of glass for 36,8 km and 29 hours.

And for me once I reach the goal, I was able to step off and continue as I did before stepping on.

The challenge being my first endurance stunt, was an experience I could not train for, In the conventional way of training since I had no clue what I would be enduring in those 29 hours on the glass.

But the challenges were real, and I would discover that these challenges would be in three parts, Mental, Physical and `Emotional, and the lessons I would learn and discover about myself would be life-changing.

We have more potential than we believe or give ourselves credit for, to achieve the impossible, we need to surround ourselves with those who believe in us and our dreams more than we believe in them, so as we take on thees challenges we face, we do it with those around who believe in us and our dreams more then we do, and my team was nothing short of incredible and I do not own this record alone.

We achieved this together, my team and this who sat through the entire stunt, both at the V&A Waterfront and online.

I have come to realise that the magic arts and being a magician, mentalist or illusionist is a tool that can make enormous changes in lives and the human perception, and the platform and stage is a place where these differences can be applied.

But the only way for this to be possible is if we share the stage with others, not making it about ourselves, we are all broken humans and all in need of positive inspirers to help us dream and believe we can achieve those dreams.

No matter how crazy, scary or overwhelming I appear to be.

So to all of you who played your part in inspiring me in this stunt, whether in Cape Town, South Africa or across the world, thank you for sharing and believing I could achieve this for us all.

And this won't be my last stunt, so till next time.

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