The Glass Walker


Empower your team by giving them the understanding of the power of the mind ( The Human Perception ) and it’s ability to create fears negative mindsets influenced and created by others, that hold you back from your true potential and cause you to self-sabotage your entire life.

For 44 years of my life, I believed I was still the special needs kid who would spend his life never being able to achieve my personal dreams, due words that were spoken over my life by people I trusted and believed because of who they were.

These words created the narrative and story In my mind I would hold onto and influence everything I believed about myself until I realized I could rewrite my own story and ultimately overcome every insurmountable Mental Health Issues I had in my life, issues I believed would prevent me from doing the things I dreamt of doing.

Uncovering and understanding my potential was limited by my beliefs and self-perceptions.

Today I hold a world record for walking on broken glass and do the things the psychological and medical industries said was impossible for me to ever do or achieve.

My story is my own and It is written not by others but by me and it’s time to rewrite yours.

Have a look at Russell's Glass Walking world Record here

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Russell Fox "Magician Insane"

Watch Russell Fox "Magician Insane" Change lives, by shifting perceptions

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Russell Fox brings his unique style and positively mind-altering experiences with each performance he undertakes.
Your guests will leave feeling uplifted, invigorated and confident that they can rise above their own expectations!

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