The crazy or perhaps Psychotic!! Magic stunts I do.

Hi there

I'm Russell Fox, also known as Magician Insane.

A working, touring and theatre performing Magician, Mentalist & Psychological Illusionist working out of my home, and one of a very few  South African magicians who would attempt the stunts I've pulled off.

A while ago I promised my readers I would be writing a blog about the crazy or perhaps I should put it as Psychotic!! Magic stunts I do lol.

And no they are not that bad, there is just huge amounts of preparation, work and research my team and have to invest to make these Magic Stunts happen.

The First Stunt

The first Psychological Magic stunt I ever did, was while on tour to a beautiful little town on the coast of Kwazulu Natal, Just outside of Durban in South Africa called Richards bay while on tour with a show I and Carlo Mc Farlane put together and hit the road with called, The Shift.

The show was a great experience, loads of fun and my first Road Show too, but we needed to create a buzz in the little town to attract the public and a Magic publicity stunt was just the thing to make it happen.

So I spoke to our publicist for the tour, he hopped on the phone and contacted Citroen and we had a publicity stunt for ourselves and the brand activation for Citroen happening.


Now just so you understand the power of a Magic or Illusion Publicity Stunt, it aims to draw huge attention and it did, we ended up on some local radio stations, television shows and newspapers and more, This drew massive attention and attracted the public to the show and they were sold out pretty quickly.

So these stunts are not designed to just be something we as magicians, mentalist or illusionists do, they serve a greater purpose and that is to attract attention to whatever we need them too.

And I can guarantee it won't be my last.


The Stunt

At this point you're kinda wondering, what on earth was the stunt Russ, well I drove a beautiful citron blindfolded and not just on my own, I had the presence of a Richards Bay Super Model in the car with me to freak the living daylights out of and the fun began, see video below.

On a motorcycle

Being a Magician, Mentalist or Illusionist requires a lot of dedication, huge amounts of work and travel to make a really good living and a lot of crazy idea's, so my next stunt was a blind drive again but this time a Live Blind Drive.

And what did that require, well for this I wanted to drive my motorcycle and she is a stunner know as Tha Heist by a company in the USA called Cleveland Cyclewerks and she is a 250cc Bobber I bought for this purpose.

No Sound

We filmed the stunt, but sadly the sound from the main camera used in the drive was off, and we had no sound for a video but below are some images of the stunt and it was a huge success and he'll know I'll never do that again!

It took two years of planning and discovering how I would go about making this crazy stunt possible being I would be driving completely Blind on a national road with other people driving to where ever they were heading.

Two years of intense planning and study to make a 4min blind drive happen, so now you know the amount of work and effort that goes into these things.

The Glass Walker Challenge

My third and biggest Magic or Mentalism stunt yet was to raise funds for a local South African NPO called Nosh For Josh, these guys work hard creating awareness and helping families and people living with Autism and my background of schooling and life was right up that ally and being their Brand Ambassador I wanted to do something.

So I committed to walking on a bed of broken glass for 32 km in 29 hours but ended up doing 36,8 km in the 29 hours I had committed to. This was the most painful and enduring stunt I had ever achieved and one I am super proud of.

I have a short book launching very soon about the entire experience, the challenges I went through mentally, physically and emotionally in those 29 hours to achieve the world record, and how I endured the pain I went through to reach this goal.

My journey as a Magician, Mentalist and Illusionist living in a small city, Cape Town, South Africa has been an extraordinary experience for me thus far and from the looks of things is only going to get a lot more interesting.

Stay Inspired!
Russell Fox "Magician Insane"

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