Mindless - The Ultimate Beginners Course In Magic.

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Level: Easy

We are super proud of this epic little set...

Packed with punch and incredible Magic & Mentalism tricks

This amazing course was inspired by our founder and Master Mentalist Russell Fox's show Mindless that ran on tour with a festival call Funderland in Cape Town South Africa and since then they have been flying off the shelf at Markets and festivals around South Africa at our Pop Up shop and now we have decided to make the sets available online.

This course is packed with 6 Incredible magic and mentalism tricks that will take you from beginners, to intimidate and advanced performing in no time at all and all of these tricks are used by professional Magicians in shows around the world including Russell Fox.
What you get

Professors Night Mare - A regular set of ropes change in length and appear to be able to stretch even though in the hands of your spectator they cant, but in your hands can do amazingly can.

Cut and Restore - You visibly cut the rope and even have your spectator cut the rope and some how heal and restore the two cuts ends welding them back together by means of magic.

Ambitions - A classic in magic you can make a signed card that you place back into the middle of the pack melt straight through the deck and appear back on top of the pack under your spectator's noses at the click of your fingers.

Matched - You empty a box of matches in front of your spectator and you then make the matches in a full box vanish and appear inside the box you just emptied into your spectator's hands.

Jokes On You - One of Russell Fox's personal favourites, you have a card selected and signed, shuffled back into the deck, you then pick a different random card, place it between two jokers with completely different colour backs. they clearly see the odd card between the two jokers change from the odd card to their chosen and signed card.

Pressure - This one your going to absolutely love, four cards pinned together with a shoe eyelet can only rotate and swivel but can't trade places at all but in the hands of a magician this becomes possible, two black cards on top of two red when placed in the hands of your spectator and pressure is applied the cards melt straight through each other and can be inspected by your spectator the impossible just happened in their hands.

DVD Download - And everything you need to learn is on a full tutorial DVD that takes you through everything you need to know about the trick, Set Up, Methods, Performance, Tips and trick and more plus how to make everything you require to pull of these mind blowing feats.
You'll be freaking your mates and family out before you know it.

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