Russell Fox - Magician Insane

Hi I'm Russell Fox, also known in the industry as Magician Insane

Why? Well, I tend to do really crazy things, Like driving Motor Cycles and Cars Blindfolded, Walking on beds of Broken glass for crazy distances to set world records etc, but that a completely different blog post.

I am a working, performing Magician, Mentalist and Illusionist in the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa and have been performing for just over twenty years now.

haring the art of magic at private parties in peoples homes, at some of the most intimate events like MC'ing and performing for weddings, all the way to performing in grand and beautiful Theatres for Royalty and Celebrities and the most often are Corporate Events etc.

I thought, well before I start blogging, I had better Go ahead and introduce myself, being it would be rather presumptuous of me to think or believe that everyone that reads this article will either know who I and or even know of me, but the one thing we do know is Magic!. But to us who perform and live in this world, we know it as the magic arts, because frankly, that's exactly what it is, an art!.

The Magic arts in South Africa is growing rapidly, as people come to understand that this two-thousand-year-old form of entertainment is not just for children and was used to give insight to kings by wise men known as Magi, the older word for a practitioner of magic, to include astrology, alchemy and other forms of esoteric knowledge and if you know much about the bible well the three wise men that brought gifts to Jesus with called Magi so yes it goes that far back.

So why would a Magi be known as a wise man, the incredible thing about the Magic arts is that it literally gives us a deep look-see into the human perception and the power of influence and a great understanding of how it works, so for years sadly some Magicians would use this knowledge, to try to convince people that what they were doing was real.

This created a lot of fear in the public mind and these guys are known as charlatans ( Con Artists ) and there are many forms of those who use the art to take advantage of peoples pain and hardship, convincing them that they have the ability to see into the future or read palms etc, this would be known a manipulation and taking advantage of peoples bad or gullible perceptions by making them believe that what they do is real.

The reality is this, everything the performer or actor magician, mentalist or illusionist does is simply put a trick, sleight of hand, misdirection, smoke and mirrors etc. But don't be fooled this takes many hours in actual fact thousands of hours of practice and rehearsal.

We spend as much time studying and mastering our tricks as a student studying to become a doctor with no remuneration until we are able to perform shows. For this reason the more highly qualified the Magic Artist, the more costly her or she can be to hire for a show.

I've been in the game for twenty years now and in South Africa this can be challenging, being the art is still extremely young over here, but is gaining confidence in the public eye and fast become extremely popular for Product Launches being illusions and Magic Trick can be custom designed and built specifically for a brand or product that is being launched.

Corporate Companies book us for a unique entertainment experiences for a year-end function with either close-up magic or a stand up show similar to a comedy show when space or budget is limited,and at times we are booked for stage magic productions with all the bells and whistles, amazing lighting, sound, effects and the options are limitless and can only be limited by one's imaginations.

I myself have built and designed some really amazing illusions for local South African brands, Sir Fruit being one of them.

I was commissioned to build this incredible steampunk time machine with flash pots, sound effects and the works, that rapidly sped up the growth time of a fruit tree in three different fazes, for their client to experience each segment with all four scenes, sight, touch, smell and taste until the fruits transformed into a branded bottle filled with one of their new fruits juices, bottle branded and all.

This build took me three months of late nights with huge illusionary challenges, but the result was awesome and my client loved it.

I have designed custom shows, with focused magic and illusions for clients Gala dinners, from the first trick all the way to the last illusion. with magic Predictions, Mind reading, making products appear and float, influencing hopes and dreams with inspiring stories around a mind-blowing mentalist effect and I love to what I do.

So much so that it changed my life and gave me an understanding of how my own perception influenced me negatively and how I saw myself and allow me to see that if I changed how I saw myself and influenced the change of my own perception and life then so could others and my shows evolved and became motivational and inspirational productions and what an honour it is to be blessed to use my gifts, my talents to change others lives positively

This is my world as one of many magicians in Cape Town, Mentalists in South African and Illusionists in Africa.

Stay Inspired!
Russell Fox "Magician Insane"