An Inspiring live virtual, psychological Magic and Mentalism Experience.

Come and experience an evening of breathtaking Magic, mind-blowing Mentalism, awe-inspiring Illusions of the mind and find hope through the life of an incredible man who defied the odds, had the courage to dream the impossible and achieve it too. All through your screens in the comfort of your own home and bring a deck of cards to participate in the show and be a part of a personal incredible moment for you, your family and friends.

Russell Fox "Magician Insane" is Africa’s most inspirational, influential, and insane Mentalist, Perceptionist and Illusionist. As a child, Russell was born with an array of life challenges including Epilepsy, Asthma, Dyslexia, ADHD, and a mild form of Tourette's.

But with the hard knocks of life came a stubborn will and desire to overcome all that fought to stop him and he did. He has found ways to overcome or work around these challenges that would otherwise have stopped him from achieving amazing success.

Today, Russell Fox is a thriving businessman and an Internationally Acclaimed Master in the art of Magic, Illusion, Perceptionism, and Mentalism who has been performing throughout South Africa and across the continents since 1999.

"Mentalism is all about playing on the predictability of human perception. Fox understands this phenomenon better than most – even other mentalists. He has been breaking down and redefining perceptions since his first breath. And while he displays impressive control when walking over jagged glass unharmed and bending spoons without force, his lifelong expression of mental strength should summon the loudest applause. Fox has shown that the labels placed on us by the world can be ripped off and rewritten."

via Beautiful News | News 24

His performance repertoire includes some of the most profound and amazing companies, television series' and people such as The Prince Of Saudi Arabia, Carlo Mac Farlane (Backstage), Mac Stanley, Arno Carstens, Carol Bouwer, Fishy Fashions (SABC3), My Super Sweet World Class (MTV EUROPE) and Emo Adams – JOU SHOW (M-Net).

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