Hi, I'm Russell Fox also know as Magician Insane, I live and work as a Mentalist (or simply put) Psychological Magician in Cape Town, South Africa. I'm on a farm about 60km outside of the CBC, Cape Town Central.

Like most of us, we had no clue that this was about to change our lives forever. A pandemic that swept across the globe, locked us in our homes, isolated us from human contact and created separation as I've never seen before.

Although I travel a lot of the time doing shows and performing magic in and around Cape Town, I tend to do a lot of work nationally and internationally. Most of my shows are Motivational, I use the arts as a tool for team building and giving people the understanding of the power of the human mind and more so the human perception.

I started in the industry as a kids magician when still living close to Cape Town. 

However, as I grew as a professional, I felt the need to move out of town for creative purposes heading into the quiet of the farm life to focus on my career as a full-time magician in Cape Town, South Africa and to achieve the dream of the world.

Don't get me wrong, I love it but had no clue the hard-hitting effects it would have on me during the Global Pandemic and Lockdown during the Covid19 Pandemic.


When the pandemic hit the world, we very quickly went into this state of Lockdown and full-blown Isolation.

And being a peoples person I am and travelling a lot this was just the beginning of the toughest endurance challenge of my career in the magic arts yet.

My girlfriend and I discussed me staying at her place during the lockdown period 

However decided, it would being best for me to stay at home due to her house being pretty tiny and a couple of other things.

So I'm dealing with being isolated on my own. Facing being completely alone, no family, friends, my mum on the other side of the world (Not Really but you get the point ).

I'm dealing with this feeling of loneliness like I've never faced before and honestly the only reason I've made it thus far ( ten weeks and three days so far, 9 June 2020 ) is God.

I recall God saying he would be keeping company. He would be present during this entire period of solitude.

But this does not mean being all alone, did not plague me. There were weeks when I didn't see a sole, all I needed was a hug, A conversation with another human being and not over text or video but face to face.

Was this a tough time and not just the loneliness. 

Work was gone, finances were drying up. And due to me never wanting to work from home and enjoying not doing so, my data connection was awful and so was my cellphone signal.



The challenge now was the fact that I could not purchase an antenna. Or have someone come out to install an antenna So that this frustrated Magician could drum up some work online. 

So I did what any wise human being would do, I revamped my Lounge and Kitchen, 


Yes you read that right, I revamped my lounge and kitchen, to bring this into context and so you understand, God directed me to do this and as crazy as this sounds.

And funny how everything I needed was on the farm already, I did not have to spend a cent. Very quickly I realised what was happening. I had watched a video of a Youtube vlogger I enjoy and guy buy the name of Peter Mckinnon

He is a fellow magician, who's videos are all videography and photography based and I learn a lot from this guy.

His studio feel was something I liked. And this is pretty much the direction my Lounge and Kitchen has taken. 

A studio space, I could use to perform on virtual platforms. And an online course I was planning to put together. To help local and who knows perhaps international buskers and artists understand the business side of the Magic arts as performing arts industry pretty much.


The problem with this entire revamp was, me still having no way of getting someone to come out and install a wifi antenna. And no way I could afford to purchase one either. 

So the brainstorming began, and after chatting to a few friends we managed to get hold of 20 meters of antenna Cable, a Pole. And I would use the small bunny antenna's that came with my wifi device.

But this would still not sort out the problem. My data connection was far from stable. Which meant there was no way I could begin running shows online. 

And like all small businesses. My accounts had run dry, so circumstances just got worse.

It's heartwarming how family and friends show there love and support during times like these, so my fridge kept finding food and some clients of mine blessed me with some finances to carry on. And within a couple of days, I had a new antenna. 

Virtual Shows

Now I'm running a show online called The Sundown Sessions.

The show is a collaboration between Samual Serwanga ( Sam Jam ) and myself to raise funds for Artist Relief Funding. With an array of guest artists every week. To help them stay inspired and keep going, including Inspiring our audience to keep on having hope and keep their dreams alive.

There is honestly nothing better than inspiring people to me and using the magic arts as a tool to do so.

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