A Moment with Russ - Its A Go

Over the past two years and the rest of the challenges in my life I have to and will still go through the one thing I have decided to do, rather than hiding or to continue sharing the general meaningless posts, images and really one-sided view of our lives that most people do on social media was to be brutally honest and by doing so hopefully inspire others to rather then hide the challenges life throws our way, to rather reveal them and find ways by inspiration of others who have overcome the same challenges.

We have all chose to lead the lives we lead and live the results of these choices and this is what I have decided to change and this is moments I want to share with anyone and everyone.

The Magic arts industry and having worked in it for so long gave me an incredible understanding of the human perception and the reality of its power and effect it has over our own personal lives and this gift I used to change my own perceptions and ultimately overcome every negative perception whether created by others or myself.

And if I can remove and rewrite the labels placed on me then so can you.

So welcome to A Moment With Russ - Raw and real.

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